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Learn How to Create & Execute Winning Strategies

CryptoBiz – The Crypto Business Podcast delivers info, insight and knowledge to help you learn how to plan and execute successful business and marketing strategies in the crypto and blockchain industries. #PlanToSucceed

Learn How to Master Marketing

The Master Marketing Podcast Series delivers content from the trenches of the marketing battlegrounds and serves up bite sized tips on trending marketing tactics, brand storytelling and growth hacks. #MasterMarketing

Master Marketing Ep 4 | The 6 Secret Rules of Persuasion

 Did you know there are 6 Secret Rules of Persuasion that all of us are susceptible to being used against us that can trigger us to buy or take actions? In this powerful video one of our partner founders Brad Nickel outlines the rules of persuasion he’s been teaching to founders, CEOs, MBA students, and 100s of others.

The 6 rules of persuasion can be applied to: * Marketing * Sales * Politics * Project Management * Parenting * and just about every other aspect of life, because most of life ends up being about who we an persuade to take an action we want them to take. In this video, you will learn how to use the rules to help you grow your project or business, get new users, increase revenue, and succeed. You will understand how to apply the rules and how to be honest and ethical about using them rather than using them for evil. Don’t miss out on the rules your competitors are using to win more users and customers. This video is our gift to you, because it is our mission to help startups grow and we create educational content, so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in growing a successful business or project. 

Master Marketing Ep 3 | Planning Your Eruption from the Disruption: 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and economies around the world in unimaginable ways. what are you doing to ensure that your eruption from the disruption puts you on a trajectory for rapid recovery?

Planning Your Eruption from the Disruption: 5 Things You Should be Doing Right Now:

  • Assess
  • Pivot
  • Engage
  • Plan Your Eruption from the Disruption
  • Execute 

Whatever plans you make and actions you take to emerge from this, keep in mind that consumers and communities remember who stood by them when they were down, and if you are able to cater to their pain points or pay it forward in any way right now, they’ll go out of their way to support your business when the New Normal takes shape.

CryptoBiz | Skateboarding to Crypto: The Art of Entrepreneurship w/ Kurt Braget | What First Time Founders Need to Know About Building a Business


Blacknox Cofounders Keith Alan and Brad Nickel welcome Popstand and Chirp Cofounder, Kurt Braget to The Crypto Business Podcast to discuss blockchain industry trends and entrepreneurship. Braget, a former pro skateboarder and content creator evolved into a developer and entrepreneur with several successful startups under his belt. His artistic background, empathy for the end user and a passion for creating forward thinking products and disruptive solutions drives him to develop successful businesses around the things he’s most excited about.  The conversation covers a lot of ground including how Kurt is using blockchain to disrupt short form content networks with his latest project Chirp, the future of email and delivers valuable information and advice for first time founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. (see more)

Master Marketing  Ep. 2| F#@%ing CoronaVirus: Now What?

In this episode, Blacknox Cofounder, Keith Alan shares some ideas to help businesses cope with the global coronavirus pandemic.

Whether you call is CoronaVirus, Covid-19 or a fucking nightmare, this global pandemic is impacting the world’s health and economies. While there is no doubt that we will get through this, and it’s safe to say that the world is going to be forever changed, most people have 2 immediate concerns:
1. How do I keep ourselves, our families and communities safe?
2. How do we keep our business afloat when we can’t go to work and the economy is crashing?


  • If you are able to work remotely or keep operations running, sit down and figure out what processes you can streamline, automate and make work flows more efficient. 
  • Remember to take some time for yourself and your family.
  • Let’s talk business. It’s time to get creative and innovative. What are your customer’s pain points, right now and how can you serve them, right now (see more)

Master Marketing | Growth Hacks | How to Generate Leads with Podcasting

Welcome to the CrytoBiz Master Marketing Series of info packed podcasts with bite sized marketing tips and growth hacks to help entrepreneurs and startup teams plan, launch and grow. In this episode, Blacknox Chief Marketing Strategist, Brad Nickel, serves up some compelling reasons to consider podcasting as a way to generate qualified leads.

If you deliver valuable content, the time you put into it will be rewarded.

  • Podcasting is great way to establish or strengthen your position as an expert in your field.
  • Podcasting builds brands identity 
  • Don’t sell your services, showcase whatever your value proposition is
  • Generate leads with a high probability of making it into your marketing funnel. (see more)

CryptoBiz | Tokenomics, Structuring Sales | Masternodes

Learn what you need to know if you are considering tokenization.

  • 2:20 Definition of Tokenomics – How are you going to tokenize your ecosystem
  • 11:14 The earliest part of your process should be what kind of token are you making, how do you intend to use the token and the money you raise. Who are you paying? How do you justify the raise?

In this episode Blacknox co-founders Brad Nickel, Keith Alan and Austin Gaines take a broad view of tokenomics with a discussion about what tokenomics really means, how your decisions regarding tokenization will impact how the SEC and other regulators will classify your offering and how it will require you to structure token distribution. 

Plus, a look at masternodes and why they are worth considering. (see more)

CryptoBiz| How to ICO / STO Part 4 – Leadership | SEC: Utility Token or Security?

Learn how to determine if you have what it takes to be a great leader and what to do if you don’t + Learn how the SEC classifies your tokens. 

– Being the Founder doesn’t automatically come with qualifications to be the CEO or leader, nor does it mean that you should be.

  • (3:00) SEC Chairman Clayton says crypto is a security…discussion of how to ICO / STO.
  • (22:04) Types of Leaders – The common denominator all leaders need

This episode begins with some ICO and crypto related regulatory news after SEC Chairman Jay Clayton stated that Bitcoin is considered a utility token and expands on the Commission’s view of utility tokens and securities and what defines them. Then the guys wrap up the How to ICO / STO Series by taking on a touchy, yet critically important subject, leadership. (see more)

CryptoBiz | How to ICO / STO Part 3 – How to Write a White Paper

Learn how to write (or re-write) your white paper.  

  • (00:00-12:42) Regulation vs Innovation: Is NY forcing crypto out of town? 
  • Filtering the crypto media: You’ve got about 10 minutes to write about the trends in crypto.
  • (12:45-15:45) Those Crazy Russians: A great source of material for “ICO Dont’s”
  • (15:45-42:03 ) How to Create a Whitepaper: If you are considering tokenization you need a white paper that details your plan and strategy for success. What components should be in your white paper and why is it important to have them? Who should write it?

The CryptoBiz How to ICO / STO Series continues. This 4 part educational series is aimed at helping crypto founders learn how to plan, build, launch and grow innovative ideas and projects into viable, revenue generating, regulatory compliant businesses... (see more)

CryptoBiz | How to ICO / STO Part 2 – How to Go From White Paper to Fundraising

Learn how to make your white paper investor ready and your offering regulatory compliant before you start fundraising.

  • (12:15-26:00) What it takes to go from white paper to token generating event (TGE)

Blacknox co-founders Brad Nickel, Keith Alan and Austin Gaines are back with the second part of the CryptoBiz How to ICO / STO series. This 4 part educational series is aimed at helping crypto founders learn how to plan, build, launch and grow innovative ideas and projects into viable, revenue generating, regulatory compliant businesses.*

In this episode of the How to ICO / STO Series the guys discuss what it takes to go from white paper to ready to start fundraising and holding token sales and token generating events (TGE), and ensuring that your white paper is investor ready and your offering is regulatory compliant. The SEC and other regulators around the world… (see more)

CryptoBiz | How to ICO / STO Part 1- SEC Compliance | Planning: Narrow Your Focus

Learn what you need to know for your cryptocurrency / blockchain business.

  • (6:04-13:54) SEC Compliance: How to navigate the regulatory environment.
  • (18:41-28:46) Startup Does & Don’ts

Let’s do this! Blacknox co-founders Brad Nickel, Keith Alan and Austin Gaines kick off the CryptoBiz Podcast with a 4 part series to help innovative crypto founders to plan, build, launch and grow innovative ideas and projects into viable, revenue generating, regulatory compliant businesses.* 

Part 1 of the How to ICO/STO Series addresses SEC Compliance with a discussion about navigating the regulatory environment without the benefit new policy for digital assets. The 2nd half of the show the guys analyze a white paper for a proposed project and ICO as… (see more)

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