Learn what you need to know if you are considering tokenization.

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  • 2:20 Definition of Tokenomics – How are you going to tokenize your ecosystem
  • 2:47-3:32 Are you going to be a security, utility, or currency?
  • 3:35-10:20 The difference between a security and a utility
  • 10:45 How Much are you  going to raise
  • 11:14 The earliest part of your process should be what kind of token are you making, how do you intend to use the token and the money you raise. Who are you paying? How do you justify the raise?
  • 14:30 What it actually costs to launch and grow your business. Real marketing costs are a critical component, team expenses, you can’t do it all. 
  • Back your way into tokonomy (20:25)
  • 20:25 How to start your fundraising, How to ICO?
  • 23:30 Don’t overlook masternodes as a fundraising mechanism
  • 27:42 Now it’s time to start raising money. How does the process start and flow?
    • Why you need to have a private sale before your ICO
    • Lock out period
    • Traditional Methods of fundraising
    • When you should consider taking on an equity investor
    • 33:28 Pre-Sale Pricing tiers
    • Price fluctuations
  • More on Masternodes

In this episode Blacknox co-founders Brad Nickel, Keith Alan and Austin Gaines take a broad view of tokenomics with a discussion about what tokenomics really means, how your decisions regarding tokenization will impact how the SEC and other regulators will classify your offering and how it will require you to structure token distribution. *(policies may have changed since the original airing).  

Plus, a look at masternodes and why they are worth considering.

Tokenomics – What is it?

How you will tokenize your ecosystem.

Planning a use of your token.

Is your token / coin a security, a utility, currency, or hybrid.

Securitized tokens and uses.

How our client Encrypgen (https://encrypgen.com) applies tokenomics. Using the token to pay for and get paid for your genetic data.

Credits based utility for your token.

Clearly illustrate how you will use the funds you raise if you have an ICO.

Why it is important how you will use it.

How do you justify what you are raising?

Business and financial plan.

Pretend you are pitching a venture capitalist.

How much money do you need for marketing and growing your business?

Who will do sales, partnership, and business development and how?

Who will handle customer service and technical support?

How to figure out how many tokens and how to price them.

Allocating funds raised.

How will you raise? Is an ICO or STO needed?

Are airdrops viable for your project?

How are you pricing, why, and how?

Introduction to Masternode networks and why we are excited about them.

What the value is to the investor.

Compounding value.

Printing money.

Easier for investors to understand masternodes.

Private rounds of funding are critical if you don’t have the funds.

Setting the discounts in the private sale.

Pricing in each round and negotiating pricing.

Benchmarking vs. fiat / US Dollar or crypto like Ethereum.

How do you lock investors in

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