CryptoBiz Ep. 6 | Skateboarding to Crypto: The Art of Entrepreneurship w/ Kurt Braget | What First Time Founders Need to Know About Building a Business

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Blacknox Cofounders Keith Alan and Brad Nickel welcome Popstand and Chirp Cofounder, Kurt Braget to The Crypto Business Podcast to discuss blockchain industry trends and entrepreneurship. Braget, a former pro skateboarder and content creator evolved into a developer and entrepreneur with several successful startups under his belt. His artistic background, empathy for the end user and a passion for creating forward thinking products and disruptive solutions drives him to develop successful businesses around the things he’s most excited about.  The conversation covers a lot of ground including how Kurt is using blockchain to disrupt short form content networks with his latest project Chirp, the future of email and delivers valuable information and advice for first time founders and aspiring entrepreneurs.* 

7:45  Hostile Takeovers and Market Consolidation – TRON attempts to take control of STEEM. Is this the future of Crypto Project Consolidation

10:20 Kurt’s background – skateboarding, art, writing, programming, Popstand, Chirp

14:35 What is PopStand and how did that lead to Chirp? 

The move from CTO to Consultant 

Identifying opportunities

16:50 Cultivating Crypto Clients, balancing passion projects with revenue and growth

23:00 From Bitcoin Maximalist to Shitcoin Maximalist, an evolution from the dotcom days

29:00 What’s on the horizon? Chirp, Dmail, DAPPS, EOS and Telos

33:00 Chirp: Blockchain based Twitter like Social App with micropayments for content built on LINK chain

35:00 How is Chirp different from TRON and STEEMIT

39:00 Fiat v. Crypto and the benefits of microtransactions

42:00 The evolution of digital content. How paying to post and engage impacts the quality of content and engagement

Disrupting the broken content distribution model

The old model of content monetization v. the new model


58:22 1000 FANS – A philosophical discussion about content/art for your core supporters before commercializing.

1:00 – A point that all Entrepreneurs Need to deal with.  How do you bring your constituents content creators and subscribers together? Seeding your ecosystem

1:04 – Hodlers, Utility Tokens, Staking

1:05 How do you monetize Chirp? Pinned content, boosted posts

1:07 Honing your business model: Empathy for the end user comes first. 

1:12 Addressing pain points and the challenges of crypto marketing

1:19 Jobs to Be Done: Empowering content creators to make money

1:22 Chirp Leaderboard

1:25 Advice for first time Entrepreneurs

Don’t focus on specific financial goals early

Don’t overthink it or over complicate things

Don’t quit your job, start small and scale

Learn from your mistakes

1:30 Every Entrepreneur Needs Money

1:31 Earning revenue by any means necessary v. what you really want to do and the value of what you learn from those early days to hone your business model and growth strategy

1:32 Failure is Knowledge  

1:34 Build a business around something you are passionate about

1:36 The Two Things You Need to get to a high level of performance  (From GRIT): You need passion and time. If you don’t have both, don’t expect to succeed.

 Contact Kurt at chirp.la and on twitter at kurtybot

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*The hosts and guest of the CryptoBiz Podcast are not attorneys or advisors and nothing should be deemed as advice. Content is for educational and entertainment purposes.