Learn how to ensure that your white paper is investor ready and your offering is regulatory compliant before you start fundraising.

  • (12:15-26:00) What it takes to go from white paper to token generating event (TGE).

Blacknox co-founders Brad Nickel, Keith Alan and Austin Gaines are back with the second part of the CryptoBiz How to ICO / STO series. This 4 part educational series is aimed at helping crypto founders learn how to plan, build, launch and grow innovative ideas and projects into viable, revenue generating, regulatory compliant businesses.*(policies may have changed since the original airing). 

If you haven’t listened to episode 1 yet, now would be a good time to do that. In this episode of the How to ICO / STO Series the guys discuss what it takes to go from white paper to ready to start fundraising and holding token sales and token generating events (TGE).

Critical parts of the process include ensuring that your white paper is investor ready and your offering is regulatory compliant. The SEC and other regulators around the world are making examples out of projects that they deem to be violating existing securities law. Before you take your first dollar, BTC or ETH to fund your crypto project, you need to make sure that your offering is regulatory compliant. Don’t assume that you are exempt. Consult an attorney before you start taking on investors or you are most certainly in jeopardy of needing one to represent you when regulators or investors come after you. 

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