Learn how to determine if you have what it takes to be a great leader and what to do if you don’t + Learn how the SEC classifies your tokens. 

– Being the Founder doesn’t automatically come with qualifications to be the CEO or leader, nor does it mean that you should be.

Utility Token or Security Token? SEC Chairman weighs in.

  • (0:00-3:00) Intro set up and lead into to today’s show as the guys dive deep into Team and Leadership, but first some SEC news (regulatory policy is still being defined, but this remains valid and relevant as of 1/21/2020)
  • (3:00-5:31) SEC News Chairman Clayton says crypto is a security….leads to discussion of how to ICO.
  • (5:31-9:18) Keith starts the discussion about Chairman Clayton’s remarks which leads to, What do the SEC’s interpretations mean for projects moving forward.
  • (9:19- Back on topic here, how does a company go about launching a token to remain compliant?


  • (21:56) Perfect transition into today’s topic, Leadership & Team
  • (22:04) Types of Leaders – The common denominator all leaders need to be able to motivate others
  • (29:00) What do you suck at? Figure it out and build a team around you to strengthen those areas of your business.
  • (33:05) Another type of CEO that’s difficult to work with, the ego maniac that just wants a yes man
  • (34:48) What to look for in a mentor or coach.
  • (35:41-37:28) If you haven’t been in this position before you need to surround yourself with advisors and core team members you need to have an advisor

Can you believe it? The final episode of The CryptoBiz How to ICO / STO Series is here. This 4 part educational series is aimed at helping crypto founders learn how to plan, build, launch and grow innovative ideas and projects into viable, revenue generating, regulatory compliant businesses.*(policies may have changed since the original airing). 

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Utility Token or Security?

This episode begins with some ICO and crypto related regulatory news after SEC Chairman Jay Clayton stated that Bitcoin is considered a utility token and expands on the Commission’s view of utility tokens and securities and what defines them. Then the guys wrap up the How to ICO / STO Series by taking on a touchy, yet critically important subject…


Being the Founder doesn’t automatically come with qualifications to be the CEO or leader, nor does it necessarily mean that you should be. Blacknox co-founders Brad Nickel, Keith Alan and Austin Gaines wrap up the CryptoBiz How to ICO Series with a deep dive into what it takes to lead teams and projects to success. 


*The hosts and guest of the CryptoBiz Podcast are not attorneys or advisors and nothing should be deemed as advice. Content is for educational and entertainment purposes.

What do you think the most important quality in a leader is?
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