Learn how to write (or re-write) your white paper. 

  • (00:00-12:42) Regulation vs Innovation: Is NY forcing crypto out of town? For that matter is it doing so to defend NYSE/NASDAQ turf 
  • Filtering the crypto media: You’ve got about 10 minutes to write about the trends in crypto.
  • (12:45-15:45) Those Crazy Russians: A great source of material for “ICO Dont’s”
  • (15:45-42:03 ) How to Create a Whitepaper: If you are considering tokenization you need a white paper that details your plan and strategy for success. What components should be in your white paper and why is it important to have them? Who should write it and what will it cost?
    • Professionally translated by bi-lingual tech writer to ensure proper grammar and context
    • Branding consistent with brand guidelines
    • Team
    • Go to Market Strategy
    • Marketing plan
    • Tech
    • Tokenomics
    • Tips for Roadmapping (31:36 -35:25)
    • What does it take to get one written: Managing cost (35:25-42:03)

The CryptoBiz How to ICO / STO Series continues. This 4 part educational series is aimed at helping crypto founders learn how to plan, build, launch and grow innovative ideas and projects into viable, revenue generating, regulatory compliant businesses.*(policies may have changed since the original airing). 

In this episode we take a deep dive into white papers. What should go into it, who should write it and what should it cost? 

Brad and Keith also touch on some crazy crypto industry news you can learn from, as well as a conversation about teams which weaves itself into the discussion about white papers.

If you haven’t listened to episodes 1 and 2 yet, now would be a good time to do that. 

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Topics in How to ICO / STO Part 3 include:

* How much do white paper writers cost?

* How to choose a writer

* Why you must write the first draft

* Planning your ICO business. You need more than the tech white paper

* Why use a professional translator for your white paper

* How to structure the technical components of your white paper

* Tokenization

* Blockchain considerations for non-tech ICOs

* Why the white paper is critical to your success

* Road map and timeline – critical decisions. Why never to give specific dates


* New York is trying to run crypto out of the state, whether they know it or not.

* More fun Russian crypto bashing by the guys

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