Master Marketing Podcast Ep 4 | The 6 Secret Rules of Persuasion

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Did you know there are 6 Secret Rules of Persuasion that all of us are susceptible to being used against us that can trigger us to buy or take actions? In this powerful video one of our partner founders Brad Nickel outlines the rules of persuasion he’s been teaching to founders, CEOs, MBA students, and 100s of others.

The 6 rules of persuasion can be applied to: * Marketing * Sales * Politics * Project Management * Parenting * and just about every other aspect of life, because most of life ends up being about who we an persuade to take an action we want them to take. In this video, you will learn how to use the rules to help you grow your project or business, get new users, increase revenue, and succeed. You will understand how to apply the rules and how to be honest and ethical about using them rather than using them for evil. Don’t miss out on the rules your competitors are using to win more users and customers.

This video is our gift to you, because it is our mission to help startups grow and we create educational content, so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in growing a successful business or project.

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